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HALBION - 2000x

HALBION - 2000x


Bless and Credits Attack!

Hello! We have easy event at this weekend for you! All weekend (+monday!) drops Jewel of Bless was increased to 200% ! So You can find 2x more Bless from maps!

Additional we added 2x more credits for players who want help server and buy credits from donation! Good luck !


Event starts: 30.04 at 10:00 PM (server time) and end from 03.05 (08:00 PM)

Posted 30 / 04 / 2021

EVENT - EXP & Blue Chocolate Box

Hello players!

We have new event for this weekend! Event starts 23.04 (04:00 PM server time)

For first all players get 2x more exp than normal (4000x solo)
and the 2nd thing is Blue Chocolate Box item. 

What You must to do to get that item?
New players - item was added automatically to yours inventory
Old players - 1 goblin point (GP) was added to yours account and You can buy that item from Lumen the Barmaid

Blue Chocolate Box drops 5 items - scrolls with great options for 30 minutes
You need to use scroll in 48 hours
Blue Chocolate Box / Scrolls cannot be traded, sold etc
You can use all scrolls at the same time*
*dont use scrolls with the same option! Second scrolls will be lost if You use with the same option.

Posted 22 / 04 / 2021

EVENT - Heart of Love with PETS!

Hi Dear players!

We have an event planned for you this weekend! For everyone, we have a reward for playing at the start in the form of new pets for 48 hours, which give us, among other things, more experience! How to get them? Pets drop out of Heart of Love. New players are automatically assigned Heart of Love until the end of Sunday, which is active for one hour! People who are currently playing received 1 Goblin Point on their account! Heart of Love can be bought at a bar in Lorencia for just 1 GP! We wish you a lot of fun!

Posted 16 / 04 / 2021

Changelog #1 Fast Server

1. Fixed drop from Medals, Boxes etc.
2. Fixed bugged items - please run again game with update - launcher
3. Fixed Quest items drop:
- Scroll of Emperor - Dungeon, Losttower, Atlans
- Soul of Wizard - Losttower5/6/7 , Atlans, Tarkan
- Broken Sword - Losttower5/6/7 , Atlans, Tarkan
- Tear of Elf - Losttower5/6/7 , Atlans, Tarkan
4. Fixed online system. 1 hour = 1 WC
5. Added Exchange System Credits/WcoinC on the website. (3 credits = 1 WcoinC)

Posted 16 / 04 / 2021

FAST SERVER - Grand Opening!

Hello ! 


After many changes We decided to open FAST server with exp 2000x ! Other settings will be the same like in Medium server! Join us at 14.04.2021 - 09:00 PM ! (UTC+1) !


 Poland - 21:00
 Brasil - 17:00
 Venezuela - 16:00
 Philippines - (15.04.2021) 05:00
 Vietnam - (15.04.2021) 04:00
 Argentina - 17:00
 Russia (Moscow) - 23:00 


FULL CHANGELOG after before edition:

1. The drop from Gold Medal, Box of Luck and Ring 80 lvl has been improved. Drops the whole set of Piercing
2. WcoinC billing has been fixed. At the moment, WcoinC should correctly count all bonuses set in the game. All accounts that were not charged by WcoinC received a small compensation in the form of 75 WcoinC. This is the equivalent of a Panda ring + pet set for 12 hours. We apologize in advance for this situation!
3. Castle Siege registration fixed
4. warp usign M key from sub CS to normal fixed
5. added 4x more monsters from Blood Castle 1 to Blood Castle 7
6. Changed Blood Castle start time (4 hours to 3 hours): 01:00 / 04:00 / 07:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00 / 19:00 / 22:00
7. Dark Elf (quest) respawn fixed (10 sec)
8. Added skill (100% chance) to weapons to BOK+1 to +5 , Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Box of Luck, Starter Ring 40 lvl, Starter Ring 80, 
9. Added Ancient Set for Summoner to Gold Medal, Starter Ring 80, Box of Luck
10. On items "380 lvl" abolished the requirement of 380 lvl, now the item can be used from lvl 1
11. Added WcoinC reward for all Bosses
12. Added informations about WcoinC reward from bosses at forum !
13. The effect of Premium stones has been changed:
- Jewel of Level - The maximum level that can be obtained after using a stone is now +15
- Jewel of Full Option - The minimum number of exc options to use a pebble is now 1
14. Banned words filter removed. From now on, the server will not censor any words, however, please remember about your personal culture. In some situations the server will block the ability to write to / post
15. Improved display of the ranking on the website, including Grand Resets
16. Fixed warp for Debenter and Nixie Lake. You can move from 380 lvl
17. Added Mystery Stick, Violent Wind Stick to Silver Medal / Starter Ring 40 lvl
18. Added Red Wing Stick, Ancient Stick to Gold Medal / Box of Luck / Starter Ring 80 lvl
19. Fixed Phoenix Soul Star drop - Now You can drop it from monsters in LaCleon2, Debenter, Nixie lake and Acheron
20. Fenrirs Skills Fixed
21. Balanced lvl monsters (higher map = higher exp/money)
22. Fixed exp from party
23. Fixed all skills from pets
24. Fixed some options from MasterSkillTree (any classes get the same values)
25. Fixed items incorectly displayed
26. Fixed Double Goer (2 chest per event, 1x silver, 1x gold)
27. Rabbits invasion weakened for beginners
28. Blue Feathers drop fixed - drops only from Icarus (all map)
29. Add more spots from all maps
30. Fixed wrong showing value from excellent option (+Zen), before 70%, true value 30%
31. Added Guild + gens logo next to Nickname
32. Added monsters name overhead
33. Fixed Visual bug from combining 3rd wings (65%), not accept Talisman of luck
34. Added advanced antilag system (more FPS) by usign F7 button
35. Added server Logo to the ring in Lorencia
36. Added custom New Minimap for each maps

Posted 12 / 04 / 2021

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