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HALBION - 2000x

HALBION - 2000x


06.02.2021 - CHANGELOG # 3

We present the changes as of 06/02/2021

1. The effect of Premium stones has been changed:
- Jewel of Level - The maximum level that can be obtained after using a stone is now +15
- Jewel of Full Option - The minimum number of exc options to use a pebble is now 1
2. Banned words filter removed. From now on, the server will not censor any words, however, please remember about your personal culture. In some situations the server will block the ability to write to / post
3. Improved display of the ranking on the website, including Grand Resets
4. Fixed warp for Debenter and Nixie Lake. You can move from 380 lvl
5. Added Mystery Stick, Violent Wind Stick to Silver Medal / Starter Ring 40 lvl
6. Added Red Wing Stick, Ancient Stick to Gold Medal / Box of Luck / Starter Ring 80 lvl
7. Fixed Phoenix Soul Star drop - Now You can drop it from monsters in LaCleon2, Debenter, Nixie lake and Acheron

Posted 06 / 02 / 2021

04.02.2021 - Changelog # 2

We present the changes as of 04/02/2021

1. Added skill (100% chance) to weapons to BOK+1 to +5 , Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Box of Luck, Starter Ring 40 lvl, Starter Ring 80, 
2. Added Ancient Set for Summoner to Gold Medal, Starter Ring 80, Box of Luck
3. On items "380 lvl" abolished the requirement of 380 lvl, now the item can be used from lvl 1
4. Added WcoinC reward for all Bosses
5. Added informations about WcoinC reward from bosses at forum !

Posted 04 / 02 / 2021

01.02.2021 - Changelog # 1

We present the changes as of 01/02/2021

1. The drop from Gold Medal, Box of Luck and Ring 80 lvl has been improved. Drops the whole set of Piercing
2. WcoinC billing has been fixed. At the moment, WcoinC should correctly count all bonuses set in the game. All accounts that were not charged by WcoinC received a small compensation in the form of 75 WcoinC. This is the equivalent of a Panda ring + pet set for 12 hours. We apologize in advance for this situation!
3. Castle Siege registration fixed
4. warp usign M key from sub CS to normal fixed
5. added 4x more monsters from Blood Castle 1 to Blood Castle 7
6. Changed Blood Castle start time (4 hours to 3 hours): 01:00 / 04:00 / 07:00 / 10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00 / 19:00 / 22:00
7. Dark Elf (quest) respawn fixed (10 sec)

Posted 02 / 02 / 2021

Server starts!

[ENG] Hello dear players!

Do you remember that we are starting today at 19:00 ?!

A few words before the start:

- Registration is open, you will be able to enter the game at 19:00 (server time)
- People who created an account during the tests - they do not have to do it anymore (they have been cleaned)
- There is a full client available for download with or without sound (sound packs available on the website)
- Tutorials on server functions will be posted on the forum on days
- 2 servers are running with experience 300x (Main) (PK allowed), and 150x (AFKer) without CP and events, i.e. at the end of the lvl

We invite you to actively participate in the game! See you soon !



[POL] Witajcie drodzy gracze!

Pamiętacie, że w dniu dzisiejszym o godzinie 19:00 startujemy?!

Kilka słów przed startem:

- Rejestracja jest otwarta, wejść do gry można będzie o godzinie 19:00 (czasu serwera)
- Osoby, które w czasie trwania testów założyły konto - nie muszą już tego robić (zostały wyczyszczone)
- Do pobrania jest pełen klient w wersji z dzwiękiem lub bez (paczki z dźwiękiem dostępne na stronie)
- Na forum na dniach będą się pojawiały poradniki dotyczące funkcji obowiązujących na serwerze
- uruchomione są 2 serwery z expem 300x (Main) (dozwolone PK), oraz 150x (AFKer) bez PK oraz eventów tj na dobicie lvlu

Zapraszamy do aktywnego udziału w grze! Do zobaczenia !

Posted 29 / 01 / 2021

Grand Opening - 29.01.2021

Welcome! After a long work on the server configuration, we finally give the official server start date! We start at the last weekend of January - January 29, 2021. at 19:00 UTC + 1. The last work on the server is in progress. We are adding tutorials on the forum that you can read before starting! Below are the server start-up times for individual countries. See you on the server!

 Poland - 19:00
 Brasil - 15:00
 Venezuela - 14:00
 Philippines - (30.01.2021) 03:00
 Vietnam - (30.01.2021) 02:00
 Argentina - 15:00
 Russia (Moskwa) - 21:00 

Posted 03 / 01 / 2021

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