[CHANGELOG] 15.04 - 25.04


We're present changes after server starts:

* The Castle Siege event is postponed by one week. The entire cycle will start on May 2. This is due to the absence of all players on the proposed dates.
* Due to the malfunction of Guardian Spirit with xShop, it is removed. People who had an active pet or bought in the last 3 days received 300 WC for each animal.
* Added new tab with custom socket weapons list: http://help.muworld.eu/customweapons.php - list is being updated !
* Edit Client File. Added info about adding 380 option - Required 255 durability
* Deleted Guardian Axe (Socket) bugged from drop
* Deleted Delay by usign /pkclear
* All 380 lvl items need 255 durability to use 380 option (pink) in goblin chaos machine
* New features: MARKET on the website! Now You can sell/buy items to other players on the website by any values: Credits, WcoinC, Zen, Stones! If You have some problem let me know!
* Custom quest: Fixed need dinorant (+skill)
* Chaos machine: Disabled Socket Items with 380 option (bugged after mix)
* Increased ZEN drop +20% (all subservers)
* Changed PK Clear Command Cost to 50.000.000 ZEN
* Changed Custom Quest with 20x Apples to 1x Apple
* Changed 1st Custom Quest Monster - need switch character

Posted 25 / 04 / 2022 By ManiacADM

Currently this is only one server.